To protect the interests and the rights of its members and manage, administer, operate and to supervise and make available the common amenities, establish library and study center, arrange periodical training programs, arrange social welfare programs for its members and their staff for uplift of members and also to make correspondence, representation, applications etc to such officers or offices as may be necessary and to foster goodwill amongst its members by arranging meetings and discussions periodically.

To unite all individuals, firms, institutions, companies, corporations engaged in or connected with the Customs Clearance work for import and export of goods in the ports of Ahmedabad with a view to promote the consideration of all matters affecting the work of Custom Brokers and others connected with the trade.

To promote and enhance interests of the Custom Brokers in all matters including Inland and Foreign Trade, Shipping and Transport, Banking, Warehousing and Insurance, and allied subjects.

To administer or to assist or to render services in administering any scheme for the regulation of the employment of labour, as may from time be decided the Association, and to train the labour force working in the Port for smooth working.


Association endeavours to:

ACBA is affiliated with apex bodies like Freight Forwarders’ Associations in India [FFFAI], Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry [FICCI], Indian National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce [ICC], Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry [GCCI] and the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry [ASSOCHAM].

ACBA represents the interest, not only of the Custom Brokers but works for the betterment of the EXIM trade also. For this, the association encourages the members to take deep interest, raise questions, resolve grievances to enable the association to pursue issues vigorously and effectively with government, semi-government and other private bodies.

ACBA constantly strives to contribute towards the upgradation in the quality of service for its members.